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Sound Healing is vibrational medicine, and has been used throughout history and in indigenous cultures to restore, heal, reveal the unconscious, journey, and  ultimately transform the body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.  Ritual and rites of passage, healing, meditation, spiritual practice, parents soothing their children with voice and song - all utilise the power of sound. Sound healing offers deep relaxation and rejuvenation as well as deeper work on cellular, emotional and spiritual levels. 


 are sacred instruments, thought to hold powers of healing within them. application of these instruments to the body and around the body (energy fields) with the intention of health and harmony, have the ability to transcend normal consciousness and experience bliss and a stressless state. When in this state, the mind, body and spirit can heal and rejuvenate. Music and sound are used to treat patients with dementia, alzheimers, autism, stroke, premature babies to name but a few. 


 - alleviates stress
- boosts immune system
- treats insomnia
- unblocks creativity
- treats adrenal fatigue
- treats depression
- positive effect on nervous system
- balances hormones
- promote a more positive life experience
- treats fear and phobias

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