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I'm offering live online zoom treatments during the Covid pandemic. You'll need a good internet connection to take the zoom call, headphones if possible, and a comfortable and quiet space for yourself. You can be lying down or sitting comfortably, with blankets, pillows, an eye pillow if you wish, some water/ drink, and a journal if you'd like to write about the experience afterwards. The session will be tailored to your needs. Tarot readings also available for some insight into your life path and soul journey. Please get in touch on the contact page or through direct email for appointments and payment options.  


One on One Sound Healing Session

(live online during Covid 19)

Tailored to your needs to recharge your energy - a deeply revitalising and relaxing treatment of soothing sounds. The instruments can include Tibetan singing bowls. gongs, crystal singing bowls, voice, drum, tuning forks, rain stick and more. Great for deep relaxation, inner peace, insomnia, anxiety, physical challenges, clarity of mind, respiratory problems, lifting depression,  adrenal fatigue and more.  Deeper levels of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical can also be worked on in these sessions.  

Group Sound Session/ Sound bath

(live online during Covid 19)

Group sound baths are a wonderful way to give yourself some inner peace and stillness - a break from hectic everyday routine. You will be bathed in the sounds of instruments known for their healing frequencies such as tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, & voice.
Lie down with your eyes closed and relax deeply in a safe healing space while the instruments take you on a sonic meditative journey. 
 Wonderful for deep relaxation, inner peace, insomnia, anxiety, physical challenges, clarity of mind, respiratory problems, lifting depression,  adrenal fatigue and more.

Sound Healing Teaching

I run sound healing workshops for the Academy of Sound Healing. During the pandemic, I am teaching live online over zoom. Usually I teach in London and occasionally Glastonbury. Please see the website 

If you would like to be taught privately by me, please get in touch. 

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