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"I recommend sound helping for anyone who wants to find peace in a turbulent world."

Cary, Psychotherapist, UK

"I recommend sound helping for anyone who wants to find peace in a turbulent world."

"I would recommend Inga to everyone. Finding a peaceful space in my hectic life has allowed me to feel more able to cope and I now sleep much better. She has brought calm into my life."

Lorraine, School teacher, UK.

"Inga has provided Pink Rooster Charity with some excellent webinar based sound relaxation sessions for our virtual wellbeing hub. We have received very positive feedback from participants and always look forward to working with Inga on new and existing projects."

Pink Rooster, Award Winning Charitable Organisation, UK

"Since my first sound healing I’ve noticed I’ve become calmer and much happier. It helps my insomnia and busy mind. It should be available on the NHS! "

Sue, UK

"I love the variety of sounds from the gongs and bowls to the bells and chimes. Also Inga's voice is beautiful and hypnotic. It's a real journey!"

Sarah, UK.

"I really had no idea what I was going to experience, but when I entered the room and saw all those beautiful instruments, carefully laid out across the floor, I knew we would be in for a treat. Just the look and range of the percussion instruments was to me exciting, as some where old, ancient and made from natural materials while others more recent and man made.  We lay down with our heads all facing in to the centre of the circle, closed our eyes and then the sound of the gong resound- ed. To me this was a very primordial expe- rience. The sound resonated within me, echoing something from the far distant past on earth. It was deep, grounding and penetrating. Then the music changed to something light and sylph - like. It made feel happy and sent me out into the world with curiosity." 

Cathy, Chrysalis school teacher, Bellingen

"Inga creates a beautifully ambient and relaxing atmosphere. A deep relaxation, entwined with ethereal sounds. A truly blissful experience."
Andrea, Musician and music therapist, UK 

"Inga is a natural, true, and divine healer. My sessions with her proved to be a profound healing experience of the highest standard. Her unique and powerful techniques and holistic energetic connectivity healed me to my bones.  I have three bulged discs in my lumber spine, causing ongoing pain and discomfort. I tried numerous avenues of acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy – to no avail. Inga balanced my chakras and played one of her Tibetan bowls on my lower back. The vibrations, guided by her soft swirling vocals filled me with peace and instant pain relief. I highly recommend Inga’s services to all and everybody."

Imogen, Therapist, Australia 

"Three good reasons I would like to recommend Inga's sound bath. 

1. The real therapeutic benefits : during my sessions I was able to find peace and feel relaxed; guided by her voice and the instruments I let go of tensions in my body. She helped me to prepare for an operation I had to take and felt the soothing effects in the following days (less stressed, less worried, more accepting). 

2. The emotional experience :

Inga's sound bath allows our mind to travel where we want in a very personal way; indeed in went back and felt the safe moments of a my childhood, I walked in the rice fields in Bali, I sat on a quiet beach of France - with her by my side. 

3. The practitioner herself :

the best sound bath session is not just about the sound, it is about who runs it. Inga is a natural caring soul, she is kind and giving/ generous, her voice is warm and comforting. I feel safe and taken care of completely. 

And lastly, even though it is great to be in the same room together, I did my sessions via Zoom and i did not feel any distance between us and the sound."

Christine, France

"Wow! I'm in love with Inga's sound baths. Inga is really comfortable to be around and very welcoming. An hour of deep relaxation is gorgeous and I really love the me time. Fully clothed a wonderful sound is played via many bowls and were even placed on my tummy area! The effect of these tummy bowls are awesome, the sound travels through my body in a calm way."

Serena, Pilates Teacher, UK

"I experienced a sound bath following a yoga session and found I felt so amazingly relaxed following the session.
I was speaking to my Pilates teacher about my sound bath experience and she recommended Inga's sound healing. Just talking to Inga I felt her amazing energy. The sound experience was the best experience of my life other than giving birth to my daughters.
During the session I enjoyed listening to the various bowls and gongs Inga played al- though most of the time I was in such a re- laxed state I wasn't sure what was actually happening. Since the session I've not suffered from insomnia that had been a real problem for years. I feel the most relaxed and happiest I have felt for years.
Since my session I've told anyone who would listen about the amazing experience."

Sue. UK

"My first sound healing session with Inga was amazing. Inga is a talented healer and instrumentalist with a lovely soothing voice. While bathing in the sounds of the sacred instruments I was completely transported into a state of bliss. I particularly enjoyed feeling the vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls on my stomach and the shamanic drum. For the first time I could sense the energetic field around my body and visualize its colors. I highly recommend booking a one-on-one sound healing session with her."

Tanya, Filmmaker and Professor, Virginia, USA. 

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